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               1.      柴油发电机组二次灌浆地面凿打粗糙, 见到水泥混合石块为准。

                 The second-grouting floor of the unit installation shall be chiseled to see the stones mixed in concrete.  

              2.       线条板底侧面清洁干净(不能有油污),板上螺丝孔全部用丝攻攻牙一次。

                 The bottom side of the line plate shall be cleaned up (no oil stains), and all the screw holes on the plate shall be tapped with screw taps.

              3.       根据图纸要求,划出柴油机定位坐标。柴油机垫块用水泥浆安装平整,放好螺纹千斤顶。按图纸标高,用水准仪校准到统一高度,按位置记录并收紧螺纹千斤顶。

              The location of the diesel engine shall be marked according to the drawing requirements. Seat pads of the diesel engine shall be leveled and smoothed using cement mortar.  Screw jacks are put on the seat pads and adjusted to the same height using a leveling instrument. Then the screw jacks shall be fixed tightly and their positions recorded.          .

              4.       安装主机二次灌浆需要用的模板。

                 Install the patterns required for the second-grouting floor of the engine.

              5.       将柴油发电机组机组已清洁好的,并套上防护套的地脚螺栓放入预留孔中。

              Insert the foundation bolts of the unit into reserved holes, and the bolts shall be well cleaned and put on with protectors before inserting.    

              6.       将主机全部线条板,U型垫块(线条板需安装调整螺栓),放置到机组旁边以便主机安装时使用。

                 Put all line plates and U-shaped filling blocks of the unit beside the engine, so they can be used conveniently later. The line plates shall be fitted with adjustable bolts.

              7.       主机移放到机座后拆除运输底座,安装好线条板底板,将螺丝千斤顶按安装位置安放,将主机按坐标和标高就位到离地面100mm。(与基础中心线偏差不超过3mm,大件运输公司配合)柴油机前后各挂线锤对中。

                 Remove the transport seat pads when the engine is shifted on the engine base, install the line plate baseboard, and place the screw jacks according to the installation position. Place the unit 100mm high from the floor according to the location and the elevation (the deviation shall not be more than 3mm from the foundation central line, and assist by a heavy equipment company). Hang a plummet on the front and back sides of the diesel engine, respectively, for aligning.   

              8.       将烘干后的细河沙放在柴油机旁,以便放入地脚螺丝安装孔内。

                 Put the dried river fine sand beside the diesel engine, so as to be conveniently filled into the foundation screw mounting holes.

              9.       主机就位后用水平仪粗调水平,粗调水平后安装盘整机<运行工作原理结构图>机。

              Roughly adjust the engine level with a leveling instrument when the engine is put in place, and then install the barring gear.

              10.   微调主机水平(按工序)至要求范围内,交付柴油机大修。

                 Fine adjust the engine level to meet the requirements (according the position sequence), and then deliver the engine for overhaul. 

              11.   进行主机与发电机对中连接,根据柴油机初步定位为基准,划出发电机安装的坐标,按坐标与标高要求安放发电机底座,线条及发电机轴承座。

              Align and connect the generator to the engine. Mark the location of the generator installation, basing on the preliminary position of the diesel engine. Place the baseboard of the generator, the line plates and the generator chock according to the location and elevation requirements.

              12.   柴油发电机组大修完工后,再将柴油发电机组调至规定安装水平范围内。

                 Readjust the diesel engine within the level range specified after the overhaul.

              13.   机组再对中完工后,检查发电机轴承接合面良好。柴油机地脚螺丝安装孔灌上干河沙。重新检测。浇注不收缩水泥,15天保湿后检测数据进行完工验收工作。

                 Check the joining surfaces of the generator bearing after finishing the unit alignment. Fill the dried river fine sand into the foundation screw mounting holes of the diesel engine. Check again. Pour non-shrinking cement, preserve moisture for 15 days and measure data, and perform the acceptance inspection.

              14.   二次灌浆一个月后,复查机组对中情况。并按要求步骤对固定螺栓上紧。再次检查机组对中情况。柴油发电机组定位工作结束。

                 One month after the second grouting, recheck the unit alignment. Screw tightly the fixed blots according to the required procedures. Check the unit alignment once again and finish the diesel generator positioning.